Farm Snow Load Insurance

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Weight of Ice & Snow Damage Solutions: Farm Snow Load Insurance

During the winter months, the weight of ice and heavy snow can prove hazardous to our farm buildings and agricultural structures. As temperatures plunge below zero, be cautious of the risk that snow and ice may pose to your farm buildings.

Many farmers assume that their outbuildings are covered against damages and losses from all-natural causes, but did you know that snow load insurance may not be included in your farm insurance policy?

Read on for how to insure your farm buildings against snow and ice damage and some tips on how to protect your farm’s outbuildings.

Insuring Your Farm Buildings Against Collapse Caused by Weight of Snow or Ice

Your outbuildings are imperative to conducting agribusiness with confidence. You may need to do a reviewal of your existing farm building coverage to ensure that you have the best protection. Most importantly, you will want to review what type of farm insurance coverage you have for your buildings.

To break it down, there are three generic types of insurance coverage for farm buildings: “Fire & Lightning,” “Named Perils,” and “Broad.” For your farm buildings to have coverage against collapse caused by the weight of snow or ice, you’ll need Broad Form coverage, but not every farm building may qualify for coverage whether due to their age or their construction type.

You may find that different insurance companies will have different eligibility criteria but, as a general rule of thumb, you may find it difficult to insure a building with Broad Form coverage if it is 15 years or older. Open-sided and wood frame buildings may also not qualify for Broad Form coverage.

There may be some special farm endorsements available to help cover building collapse costs. Discuss with Guild’s experts on how to insure your farm for the funds to rebuild and regroup after an unexpected loss due to snow load.

Protecting Your Farm Buildings from Snow Load

Whether your farm policy includes snow load insurance or not, there are ways to protect your farm buildings against collapse caused by the weight of snow or ice. Unfortunately, some buildings won’t qualify for coverage. First, note the following symptoms of structural failure due to the weight from accumulated snow and ice:

  • Ice dams in gutters
  • Rooflines drooping or sagging
  • Cracks in shingles, foundation walls, and ceilings
  • Interior leaking
  • Falling trusses
  • Cracking sounds

Here are some tips on how to protect your farm buildings against snow load damages:

  • Check the weather forecast to prepare
  • Implement a plan to remove snow from roofs
  • Monitor snowfall
  • Hire a snow removal contractor if need be

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