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Unlike a captive or direct insurance company who only offers its own proprietary products, our agency is 100% independent of any one company. Many insurance consumers don’t fully understand just how important that really is. When it comes to something as important as insurance, it’s imperative that you work with an agency that has an in-depth knowledge of multiple insurance products, companies, and guidelines — not just one.

At the end of the day, what separates one agent from another, is their ability to proactively service their policyholders, and their knowledge of the insurance industry, products, and different situations that may present themselves to their clients.

Who We Are

“The Golden Rule – do unto others as you would have them do unto you. If you always do what is in the best interest of the client, then the business part will take care of itself.

At Guild Insurance Group our staff put themselves in our clients’ shoes so they are able to make recommendations based on what they would do if they were procuring insurance for themselves.”

Kelly Marnoch

As Individuals, We Believe In…

  • Unique
  • Kind
  • Dependable
  • Honest
  • Caring
  • Passionate
  • Loyal
  • Committed to the Golden Rule

What We Do

“Customers are provided with options, explanations and solutions for their needs.

With our experience and knowledge, as well as having multiple insurance companies to choose from, we are able to provide our clients advice and direction throughout the insurance process.”

Sherry Holmstrom

As Your Advisors, We…

  • Are Dedicated
  • Provide Options & Solutions
  • Share Knowledge
  • Are Focused
  • Are Committed
  • Are Self-Managed
  • Provide an Exceptional Client Experience

How We Do It

“We depend on one another for support and share knowledge with each other to help one another grow. We challenge and encourage our teammates so we can meet our highest potential, which in turn creates an exceptional client experience.”

Dianne Smith

As A Team, We…

  • Coach
  • Collaborate
  • Lead by Example
  • Mentor
  • Use Natural Talents
  • Are Held Accountable

Why We Do It

“Our staff believes in the community we live in. We give back to the community by volunteering and making donations to many organizations in Brandon and surrounding area. We believe in family, both inside and outside the office. Our clients are our family and are a big part of our success in the community.”

Mandy Harvey

As An Organization, We Believe In…

  • Community
  • Growth
  • Security
  • Success
  • Innovation
  • Independence
  • Tradition
  • Giving Back

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