Commercial Business Insurance

At Guild Insurance Group, we help business owners across Canada worry less about their insurance protection, so they can spend time on the things most important to them. With our wide selection of products and carriers, we're the only agency you need for all of your business insurance needs.

Railroad Insurance

When you need rail insurance experts to design insurance packages to meet the complex needs of the Canadian rail industry.

Oil & Gas

If your business serves in this sector, we can help create peace of mind with the right coverage for your needs so you can focus on your job.

Hospitality Insurance

The hospitality industry is all about comfort. Getting the right hospitality insurance for your needs to protect you and your business is our priority.

Auto Insurance

We can help you with autopac, SMI extension auto, rental car as well as car insurance for collector cars.

Group/Life Insurance

Life insurance options and financial planning tools add peace of mind and ensure financial protection for you, your heirs and your business.

Cyber Insurance

If a cyber loss occurs within your business, the day-to-day operations of your business will be severely impacted.

Plumbers Insurance

Let us help you consider what plumbers insurance you need to operate safely and effectively.

Electricians Insurance

Making sure you have electricians insurance builds your reputation with current and potential customers.

Group Benefits Insurance

Need group benefits insurance for your business? We can help

Cannabis Insurance

Own a cannabis business? We are one of few insurance brokers who specialize in cannabis insurance.

Home Medical Insurance

If you’re a retailer of Home Medical Equipment and Products, we’re in the business of making it as easy as possible for you to get insurance.

Food Truck Insurance

When you're driving around a food truck serving the best clients in Manitoba you need insurance.

Construction Insurance

Having an expert on your team to provide construction insurance coverage and surety ensures your jobs and your organizations stay prosperous.

Directors & Officers Insurance

Designed to protect organizations from claims brought against the company, your staff or executives.

Errors & Ommissions Insurance

When you need insurance to cover you in the event of accusations of negligence or failure to perform professional services.

Snow Removal Insurance

If you’re a snow removal contractor working on clearing parking lots and streets, you need to know that finding the right insurance coverage doesn’t have to be.

Events Insurance

Are you putting on a wedding, golf tournament, social or shower? We have specialized events insurance packages.

Fitness/Yoga Instructor Insurance

If you are a certified instructor and plan on teaching yoga or doing fitness training, it's very important that you purchase fitness/yoga instructor liability insurance.

Tech Insurance

When you need a tech insurance package that is designed for the tech industry and your business in mind.

Small Contractors Insurance

When you are looking for insurance intended for independent general contractors, we've got the small contractors insurance packages that will suite your needs.

Bonds & Surety Insurance

When you need an expert who understands your exposure through long involvement in the building industry and are skilled at responding promptly and knowledgeably to your applications.

Manufacturing Insurance

If your livelihood depends on manufacturing something, you need manufacturing insurance coverage to protect your business.

Fast Turnaround

Bringing efficiency to everything we do to get you covered quickly.

Proactive Service

Our account managers are here to help you whenever you need it.

Carrier Selection

Our wide range of business insurance carriers ensures great pricing.

We never knew it could be this easy...

"In the past, I've always tried to shop for my own insurance. The problem was, I didn't really understand what I was looking at, and always felt like I was "getting sold" a bill of goods. Finally I decided to leave it up to a professional, and I'm so glad I did. Guild Insurance Group has been great from the beginning. We have fantastic rates, and I finally understand my coverages! I highly recommend them!"

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