Discovering the Roots: The History of Manitoba Public Insurance

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Rolling Out 50 Years of Auto Insurance Excellence in Manitoba!

Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) has been the go-to for compulsory auto insurance since 1971, and they’re just getting started! This non-profit Crown corporation, led by a Board of Directors and accountable to the Minister of Crown Services, is on a mission to keep Manitobans rolling with peace of mind.

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Starting the Engine

It all began back in 1969 when Premier Ed Schreyer revved up a committee to revamp auto insurance in Manitoba, with the Hon. Howard Pawley as its fearless leader.

With a ton of uninsured vehicles and premiums reaching new heights, the private insurance system was in dire need of change. And change it did – on November 1, 1971, MPI hit the road running, providing Manitobans with universally available, basic compulsory insurance.

Putting it All in Gear

MPI has been a one-stop-shop for all things auto insurance since 2004 when the Division of Driver and Vehicle Licensing merged with MPI.

That means driver and vehicle insurance, licensing, and registration are all in the same place, ensuring all registered vehicles and licensed drivers are insured. Hit the road without a worry in the world!

Public Auto Objectives: Driving Towards Exceptional Coverage

A public auto insurance system is designed with a purpose in mind. The Manitoba Automobile Insurance Committee Report outlines a set of objectives for MPI to follow, ensuring Manitobans receive quality coverage at affordable rates. Here’s a look at MPI’s goals:

  1. Keep rates lower than private insurance companies, while offering the same level of coverage.
  2. Ensure that car insurance is mandatory and accessible to all Manitoba drivers.
  3. Operate as a financially self-sufficient organization, without relying on government support.
  4. Aim for long-term financial stability and break even over time.
  5. Reinvest 85% of premium revenue into claims benefits for policyholders.
  6. Make the insurance claim process as seamless as possible for the public.
  7. Encourage insurance capital investment in Manitoba.

With these objectives in mind, MPI strives to provide exceptional coverage and service to Manitobans, all while keeping their roads safer.

Driving MPI’s Mission

The Manitoba Automobile Insurance Committee Report laid out MPI’s mission loud and clear: to provide Manitobans with lower rates than private insurance companies, offer mandatory insurance to everyone, be financially self-sufficient, break even in the long term, invest 85% of premium revenue into claims, and make the claims process as convenient as possible.

MPI is dedicated to delivering exceptional coverage and service, affordable rates, and safer roads through public auto insurance.

50 Years of MPI and Counting!

In 2021, MPI celebrated its golden anniversary! From the first-ever claim (a Volkswagen Beetle owner whose tires were stolen) to the 228,956 Autopac claims reported in 2020 (that’s an average of 920 per working day), MPI has been serving Manitobans with pride.

With 1,162,563 vehicles registered in 2021, MPI’s President and CEO, Eric Herbelin, says, “for the past five decades, we have been committed to serving Manitobans and delivering on our mission of exceptional coverage and service, affordable rates, and safer roads through public auto insurance.”

To Wrap It Up

In conclusion, Manitoba Public Insurance has been serving the people of Manitoba for over 50 years, continuously striving to achieve its goals of providing affordable, accessible, and safe auto insurance.

MPI’s long-standing commitment to exceptional coverage and service, reinvesting in claims benefits, and making the insurance claim process as seamless as possible for policyholders, has made it a trusted choice for Manitoba drivers.

As MPI celebrates its rich history, it remains dedicated to delivering on its mission and meeting the changing needs of its policyholders in the years to come.

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