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ORV & Sled Insurance

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ORV & Snowmobile Insurance

Enjoy a stress-free ride over kilometres of beautiful Manitoba trails knowing you are protected by the Guild Insurance full range ORV Insurance.

Offering extremely competitive pricing and exceptional customer service, we will do our very best to ensure your ORV Insurance package meets your needs.

The last 3 Guild customers who purchased one of our new sled insurance packages saved on average

How Do I Purchase?

Coverage Highlights

  • Replacement Cost Endorsement on brand-new snowmobiles and ATVs
  • 15% Discount for riders that are 50 years of age or over
  • 10% Safe Rider Discount for snowmobiles only (if Snopass is purchased and the rider is claim-free/traffic-conviction free)
  • 5% Snowmobile Safety Course Discount (discount applied when snowmobile safety course card is presented – available through snoman.mb.ca)

Application Guidelines

  • No vehicle inspection required
  • Replacement Cost coverage on brand-new machines
  • Pro-rata cancellation if unit traded in and a new one added (bill of sale must be provided
  • Minimum of at least 90% of the unit’s depreciated value must be insured
  • Includes up to $1,000 for salvage recovery costs
  • Surcharges may apply for previous traffic convictions or claims
  • Your choice of deductible: $1,000, $750, or $500
  • Coverage is on All Perils form (excluding any liability insurance) and is subject to the applicable deductible as well as the depreciated value at time of loss
  • Short-rate cancellation if unit is sold (bill of sale must be provided)
  • Includes breaking through ice and sinking in muskeg
  • Includes up to $2,000 for accessories
  • Applications can be accepted online; coverage is in effect once full payment is received
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ORV & Snowmobile Accident Prevention

Riding an ATV, snowmobile or another off-road vehicle (ORV) can be a fun outdoor experience. Before you hit the trails, make sure safety is part of the plan. Off-road vehicles should be operated using proper techniques and procedures to prevent serious injury or death.

For fun and safe recreation on an ORV or snowmobile, be sure to follow these safety tips:

guild orvicons 02
Keep the trails safe and fun for everyone – snowmobile drivers should always be over 16 and wearing an appropriate helmet.
guild orvicons 03
Ride safely and remember – online one rider at a time unless your vehicle is designed for passengers.
guild orvicons 04
Never drink and ride – find another way home. Stay safe.
guild orvicons 05
Prevent accidents by staying on the trails and riding at a safe speed – you don’t know what might be under the snow.

ORV & Snowmobile Theft Prevention Tips

Follow these theft prevention tips to keep your outdoor recreation equipment safe and sound, and ready for your next Manitoba adventure.

guild orvicons 06
Store your ORV in a secure garage or other permanent structure to prevent theft
guild orvicons 07
Don’t have an enclosed structure to store it in? Prevent theft by securely chaining the frame to a tree. Use a good quality chain and a lock.
guild orvicons 08
Never store your ORV on an open trailer – it’s an invitation for thieves. Use open trailers for transport only.
guild orvicons 09
Storing your ORV in an enclosed trailer? Park it with the doors against a wall and use a wheel lock to deter thieves.

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