How Do I Survive Summer Holidays?

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With my kids summer holidays just around the corner, the dreaded question pops in my head “what will they do for the next 74 days?” ………..Other than sleep in, sit on their tablets and watch Netflix of course. I’d like to think summer holidays are the perfect time for a family vacation, but sometimes going on a vacation with my children can be more exhausting than relaxing. Whether we’re escaping to the lake or going on a family trip or outing, we are constantly asking ourselves “how will we keep our children playing outside, happy, well-behaved and off of electronics?” Here’s a couple of tips I’m going to be trying myself this summer………..Good Luck

When you can, make an effort to let your son or daughter’s pace determine the rate of your entire day.

Allow Kids To Take The Lead

Although you might want to utilize the entire fast pass at the theme park or see every significant landmark on the way to the lake, forcing children to hurry might consume everyone with stress. When you can, make an effort to let your son or daughter’s pace determine the rate of your entire day. Even though you’re not done checking everything out, your kids will be less inclined to misbehave and/or toss tantrums if they set the pace.

Take Kid-Friendly Pit Stops

If you’re thinking about spending lots of time in the car during your summer holiday, make sure you plan a few kid-friendly pit-stops on the way. On long car trips, children typically have a whole lot of built-up energy. Even if you already anticipate stopping for gas, also look for unique or fun pit stops that allow everyone to stretch their legs. When you have trouble finding any pit stops along your path, allowing your children to play in the play area at the fast-food restaurant for a few moments should do the trick.

Come Up With Car-Related Activities

Before you leave on your holiday, stock the car with lots of planned fun activities. Pack up with things that can keep children busy and learning, while having fun at the same time. You can fill up the back seat with stuff like colouring books, Play-Doh, small toy figures, a tiny puzzle and child-sized binoculars. Some parents use a fold-down holder that acts like a table for each and every child. Choose a collection of books from your local library that your kids can read on the way — just make sure you bring them back! ????

Come Up With Outdoor Fun Activities

If you’re at the lake or out camping there’s always a little downtime when the kids get bored. The electronics, Wifi and Netflix they are used to aren’t available. They’ve been swimming all day, they’re a little tired and just need a change of pace. It’s a great idea to have some sort of fun outdoor activity that you built yourself handy to play as a family. Check out this “How to make a backyard bowling set” video.

Children Love Taking Pictures

Give Kids the Camera

If you want to help your son or daughter engage and enjoy the vacation, sometimes it’s as easy as providing them with a camera. Children love taking pictures, particularly when they are in a new place. Search for an inexpensive camera or an old cell phone with a sizable memory card so that your little ones can take pictures on the trip. You can even create a photo book with all the pictures they took as memorabilia ebook.

Fill up on Snacks

A hungry child is a grumpy child. Whether you’re in the car, at a picnic, on the beach, or in the woods, always bring a lot of snacks for your kids. Also, its best to keep children away from snacks which contain a great deal of glucose and food colouring, which some research suggests may cause children to be frustrated, emotional and hyperactive. Stick to healthy and sustaining snack options, like fruit, mozzarella cheese sticks, granola bars, wholegrain crackers, and jerky sticks.

“Mom……..Dad, I’m borrrrrred“

We may not be able to completely stop the “Mom……Dad, I’m borrrrred” but we can sure try. Make this summer full of fun, less stress and one to remember. Pick up a baseball, turn a sunny day into a water fight, run through the sprinkler with your kids. Put down your electronics and Enjoy The View of our great Manitoba summer.

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